NestBau Kft.
8314 Vonyarcvashegy
Csalogány u. 4.
Tel./Fax: +36 83 348 048
Mobil: +36 30 530 7970


Since 2002 we have built several houses for special orders but also for ourselves. Within our references you can find family houses, block houses and luxury mansions as well with indoor and outdoor pools.

We are specially attracted to innovative technologies that are challenge for us to work with. The importance of energy efficient houses has grown a lot in the current economical crisis we have in the world, because you can significally reduce the cost of living with them. Although we put high quality as the number one priority with our work, it does not mean that our prices would not be affordable, not mentioning how much you can save later on utilities.

Since the houses that used innovative technologies were built only for ourselves for the first time, they serve as a base for our future developments for our real estate activity. Thorought the years, we got more and more requests for alternative houses and we gained more and more experience in this subject.


A few of our works:


  • 2012 Cserszegtomaj Toronyalja str., complete construction of a weekend house.
  • 2011 Keszthely Zámor str. complete construction of a family house
  • 2011 Balatongyörök Temető str. complete construction of a family house
  • 2011 Cerszerszegtomaj Hosszú str. complete construction of a family house
  • 2010 Passzív ház Keszthely Bajcsy Zs. str. general construction
  • 2010 Hotel Carbona Hévíz roof reconstruction
  • 2009 Cserszegtomaj Palotai str. luxury family house with swimming pool, complete construction
  • 2009 Vonyarcvashegy Mulató str. twin house, complete construction
  • 2008 Cserszegtomaj brandy making factory, complete construction
  • 2006 Keszthely Ruszek str. twin house, complete construction

NestBau Kft. - 8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Csalogány u. 4.
Tel./Fax: +36 83 348 048, Mobil: +36 30 530 7970,

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