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You dream it, we construct it!

  • at affordable price
  • quick
  • using the latest and best materials

If you choose us, it is dependent only on your imagination and planning what part of your home's construction process we should participate in and how long we should stay there. You can rely on us how to design and implement the construction based on your personal requirements and needs. The design concept is really only dependent on your imagination.

Regardless of frame ready or a complete house we will use our best knowledge to create your home. Considering the economical crisis as well, we will help you to build your property on a way that it is also an economically good investment.

We use such new technological solutions as wall heating, wall cooling, solar cells, heat pumps. We also put major emphasize on precise insolation, that has a big impact on the energy efficiency of your house. The energy efficient alternative houses are one of the best investments, since based on our experience even in the first winter the owners can see the result of careful design.



Look how we build,
a property!

plan to reality

Here you can see a couple of examples about the different materials needed for specific house types

Cement with steel (15 cm)26/210.15
Rock walll (50 cm)25/200.15
Lime bricks (25 cm)25/200.15
Small size solid brick (38 cm)
B 30 brick (30 cm)
Brick with less holes (38 cm)24/200.14
Brick with lots of holes (25 cm)24/200.15
TB50 special concrete, forge recrement (30 cm)25/200.14
Aerated concrete (30 cm)22/160.14
UNIFORM 13/1924/190.14
Rába 2524/190.15
Poroton 45/1922/180.15
Porotherm 30 NF20/160.15
Porotherm 38 NF20/150.14
Porotherm 30 HS20/160.14
Ytong P2-05 (30 cm)18/140.14
Panel (with the average 5 cm of insulation)22/180.15

NestBau Kft. - 8314 Vonyarcvashegy, Csalogány u. 4.
Tel./Fax: +36 83 348 048, Mobil: +36 30 530 7970,

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